Each item is handcrafted by a survivor of domestic or sexual violence, who will receive a monthly income from Conflict Women, Ltd


The blood & tears of survivors


The support of Conflict Women


Financial freedom & empowerment

At Conflict Women, Ltd. we have always been fascinated by jewelry and art, whether collecting street art in South Africa, purchasing paintings of Arabic calligraphy in Egypt, or buying wooden jewelry in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our fascination meant that we spent endless hours traversing some of the world’s most interesting bazaars and markets, and visualizing how art could be used for social change.

In 2014, we founded the Butterfly Project, which sells jewelry and art, all designed and hand-crafted by survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Each piece is sold with the survivor’s anonymous story and a portion of proceeds is used to provide her with a monthly income and free retraining. We love jewelry, and hope that you will purchase one of our beautiful pieces that changes lives.

About The Founder

The CEO of Conflict Women, Ltd is Asiya S. Mohammed. Asiya has worked in Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Europe and North America in human rights, gender and youth policies, and conflict transformation. She holds a Masters degree in Comparative Politics (Markets and Politics) from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a Bachelors degree in International Relations from Lehigh University. Her wealth of knowledge and practical experience in non-governmental organizations, international organizations, civil society and Government enables her to provide expert advice.